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Circular Designs made from Japanese Knotweed
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Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species that is spreading rapidly across the Netherlands leaving a trail of destruction in public spaces and our biodiversity.

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Turning a hated plant into a loved product.

We are developing a material that is versatile and 100% made from Japanese Knotweed without damaging additives. The material can be reused and eventually biodegrade.


Winner of the BlueCity Circular Challenge 2022!

Within six weeks, we developed a proof of concept and business case for our knotweed material. With the support of experts in the field of circular economy and a lot of motivation, we  created a glimpse of our future vision.  

We are looking forward to taking our next steps in the development of our material, to help people finding peace with this hated plant!
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Photo: Jaqueline Fuijkschot
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